The Basics

Alfredo Sauce

I love the holidays, and I love the movie “The Holiday.” I love the scene where the characters curl up next to a warm fire with “Christmas Fettuccine.” For me, there are few things more comforting than a big bowl of creamy, cheesy, pasta. The fact that it comes together quickly is a huge bonus. This dish is perfect for the end of a long day, snuggled on the couch with your loved ones.

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How to Get a Proper Sear

Properly searing meat. This is a basic kitchen skill that will really elevate your proteins. It isn’t hard to do, but it does take some patience. Here are the keys to getting a gorgeous (yes, I really do think it’s gorgeous) sear: 1. have a dry surface on your protein, and 2. have a screaming hot pan. Let’s take a closer look.

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Basic Tomato Sauce

Ditch the jar and start making your own healthy tomato sauce! It’s easy to make, and freezes well for those nights when you need to get a meal on the table quickly. We like this sauce over a mix of pasta and zoodles. Ready? Let’s get cooking!

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Caramelized Fennel and Onions

I love caramelized onions. LOVE them. They are sweet and roasty and yet maintain a savory quality. They are a great addition to burgers, omelettes, steak, pan sauces, pizza, you name it. Caramelizing fennel mellows out the licorice flavor and brings out the inherent sweetness of this vegetable. Together they are a flavor explosion!

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Basic Vinaigrette

Salads are a staple in any well-balanced healthy diet. Free your fridge from dressing bottle clutter (and your diet from preservatives) and make your own! Learning to make delicious homemade vinaigrettes is easier than you think. If you learn to make one, you can make them all! Just pick a vinegar and go. You can even get fancy and add some herbs, or finely diced shallots (let those sit in the vinegar for a bit to take the edge off), or citrus zest, or a splash of booze. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let’s start with the basics.

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Roasted Chicken Stock


This is an awesome kitchen skill that sounds super impressive and is relatively easy, just a tad time consuming. But the time is tooooootally worth it! The end result is far more flavorful than the store-bought variety, and your house will smell like Thanksgiving. Mmmmm roastiness!

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